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 Anonymous says: does anyone know the pin for the free shipping on $50 +? - 4 yrs ago

 Anonymous says: I like everything from Victoria Secret, on my country are crazy with it. - 5 yrs ago

 nolagirl727 says: April 1-30 2010 Secret Reward Card promotion at Victoria's Secret--Online Secret Reward Cards are rewards that were given throughout the month of March for every purchase made in store or online. They have a minimum of $10 on the card. Restrictions on the back say they are not valid on the purchase of "gift cards" The cards may be used online or in store from April 1-30, 2010. I pooled my Secret Reward Card promotion cards with friends to give to one who is graduating..surprised her daily with e-card attacks! and they cancelled all of the orders (which were placed throughout april, not just towards the end of the program. Would have given them plenty of time to notify US and the recipient. They did neither) and are saying that now that the program is over we can't use them. Only one secret reward card was used per order, as per the terms and conditions. 1) the card doesn't say "e-gift cards" or "e-cards" aren't valid, it only mentions "gift cards"..we thought, honestly, this was ok since e-cards come with a BIG restriction--can't be used in stores, online ONLY --AND the way they are advertised on the site makes it seem as if they are not standard gift cards. The terms and conditions on the back of the card should have explicitly included the EXCLUSION of E-cards, especially since the system accepted them and they were approved. The terms are extremely misleading 2) they accepted our orders, just making it reinforce the fact that we thought it was cool and 3) never got word that they would cancel--in fact, she not only received them, but activated all of them! VS went back and took all $270! It seems suspicious that they retroactively choose to take action--when the program is over, cutting the consumer off from even being able to spend the value of the cards. They had plenty of time to provide notice and did not. Only when the recipient got in touch with me to notify me that weeks after she had received and activated the e-cards, were the funds completely drained. What a waste of a)money at the VS stores to get these--really did work as an incentive b) time spent doing this..and talking to them on the phone c)energy. nothing got resolved. and, to make matters worse--some of us got reward cards that people were not going to use from a website (where she was giving it out to the first person--us)thinking it was ok since they hadn't been used. Wrong. Turns out they had been and it just made things look that much worse for us! It's ok to give your card away, but we didn't realize it would EVEN allow multiple orders with the card to go through, so we thought it would be first-come, first-serve. Every card we had through our purchases were totally valid. This has been the worst experience and I am totally filing a BBB complaint. Better to have it down than not. - 7 yrs ago

 allykatt says: how do i become a preferred pink client?with special/private in pink promotions/invites. i was in one of your stores on day and it was having a private per invitation only and i wasnt allowed in. i would like to become an official pink member please? - 8 yrs ago

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Victoria’s Secret is an American retailer of chic women's clothing, lingerie, swimwear, shoes, accessories and beauty products. Whether you’re looking for sheer panties, lace bras, sexy sleepwear or bridal accessories, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at Victoria’s Secret. Use Dealio to find discounts and promo codes when you shop for apparel and accessories at Victoria’s Secret.