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 Anonymous says: very happy with price and speed of shipping - 4 yrs ago

 devk says: $10 Off $250 Overstock coupon for new customers! Click to Redeem expired: November 26, 2009devand Post a CommentHide Comments See all Storewide Actions Mark as expired Revise deal Flag for abuse (0) Permalink New customers can still get $10 off their orders of $250 or more! - 8 yrs ago

About Overstock Coupons and Deals

Overstock is an online retailer that offers a variety of brand name and high quality merchandise at a discount price. Overstock sells everything from furniture, garden equipment, electronics, and jewelry to luggage, toys, pet supplies, office equipment, and sporting goods. On top of the additional savings you get from Overstock Dealio provides Overstock customers with an additional savings through their promo codes. Overstock brings you the best merchandise at the best prices with the customer service to match.