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 carol jump says: Recently I visited my local Meijer Store where we do 85% of our shoping.I had purchased a halloween costume for my grandaughter on 10-30-09.I overnighted the article to her.She is only 5 and what I failed to realize was I had purchased an adult outfit.All tags were atached so I saved my reciept got the outfit back and returned to the store #151 where we do all our shopping.Upon entry I went directly to customer service the clerk looked at me and said I have to call a manager for approval.While waiting for the mgr I read and reread the return policy.No where did it say seasonal items would not be returnable.The manager told the clerk Not to take the item back.Now I was not asking for a refund for I was going to do my weekly shopping.Everything even the hanger the accesories were still atached in plastic.So I asked to speak to her, she came did not even look at the merchandise and stated she would not take the item bk.So I asked when the GM would be in and she stated he was there.I asked to speak to him, and got the same responce..He stated the item would be trashed because it was out of season.Once again I turned to the return policy and No where on the sign did it state seasonal items must be brought bk in A shorter time frame.He said he was Not taking the item bk regardless for he would be out the $24.99 I had paid for the item.It had been only 35 days since my purchase.When he stated he would Not take the item bk for seasonal reasons using the excuse he would be out the$.I stated that we spend well over $1000.00 A month there and we would take our business else where he did not have A problem with loosing our business.I asked for a headquarters # and I waited.Finally he returned and gave me a flyer w/a # on it.I looked at my Husband and informed him we would not be doing anymore business there and I proceded to exit the store calling the #on the store card the GM? had given me.The person on the line asked if this had just taken place and offered nothing but to call back on Monday morning.I asked the genleman on the phone his position and he could not really tell me.He was very unprofesionable which lead me to believe He was in the store.I was Not talking to A csr.He never gave his name only stating the GMS name and he told me to call Monday and he may do something for me.Well My Husband thinks there is No other store but Meijers.But I do the shopping we were together that night for we were preparing for dinner guest the following day.He did exit w/me and did agree to go to Krogers.You may think you have only lost 1 customer,But We are Business People and word of mouth is Very Detremental to ones Business..We have shared the story w/others.You May Be A Large Chain But Customer Service Should Be Your First And Most Important factor in the Business,Expecially In the day and age we are Now In.I hope this email puts a New Prospective on CSR in the Meijers Stores.Thank You For Your Time... - 8 yrs ago

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Meijer is a large retailer selling everything from electronics and movies, to furniture, appliances, toys and jewelry all at great prices. Visit Dealio to find the hottest Meijer coupons and Meijer sale specials. customers get the best brands, without having to pay premium prices.