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Dealio’s Super Bowl Party Deals, Guide

Super Bowl Party Guide

Admit it. You've dreamed about the high-fives, props and other accolades associated with throwing a killer Super Bowl Sunday football party. Lucky for you, Dealio's Guide to the Ultimate Super Bowl Party tells you not only what, but also where to get everything you need from food to entertainment. Best of all, we'll also save you money by getting you the best deals.


Let's face it — if you're going to do this right, you absolutely need a big TV to watch the Super Bowl game. Lucky for you, Dealio community members have found the best deals on all types of HDTVs including plasma TVs, LCD TVs, DLP TVs, speakers and home theatre systems for any room and budget.

Top Deals on Electronics for Your Super Bowl Party

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Best Football Movies for Your Super Bowl Party

Football movies are a great way to keep the fun going long after the game. Get the best DVD deals on our favorite classics:

If the game is a shutout or if you can no longer tolerate the pain — keep a Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation, Xbox 360 (any or all) and Madden NFL on-hand.

Invitations, Food & Decorations

Ask and they shall come (well, if someone else doesn’t get to them first). Get the word out about your party early with themed invitations or free online invitations. The great thing about throwing a Super Bowl party is that it’s a casual affair. Therefore, with a little bit of effort you can easily go from not-too-exciting chips and salsa to a smorgasbord that will satisfy everyone’s appetite and earn you culinary praise.

For the party-thrower who does not want to (or can’t or really shouldn’t) cook, the best option is to buy trays of cold-cuts, cheeses, snacks, pre-cut veggies, ready-made dip, cookies and brownies. On the day of the party, order a few pizzas, sub-size sandwiches, some finger food appetizers and you’re done.

For those who can cook — remember, the easier, the better. Super Bowl parties are much more about snacking during intervals rather than formal meals. Therefore, bring hot food out in waves rather than all at once.

For the best selection of perishable foods, shop early in the morning or the night before. Keep a frozen pizza or two in the fridge in case food delivery is delayed or a no-show.

Top Deals - Super Bowl Party Food Essentials


Plenty of soda and water should be available for people to drink. For guests of drinking age, nothing is better than a cold beer though Jello shots are also an easy and popular option. Kegs can save cost, space and clean-up time. Bottles and cans provide variety. Go the extra step and grab a few bottles of wine and a few varieties of hard liquor.

And as always, don't let friends drink and drive — get them a ride by calling 1-800-taxicab!

Top Deals — Super Bowl Party Drink Essentials


A good host also takes into consideration those who may not come just for the game (a travesty, but it happens). Set up an area or room with board games, movies and magazines.

Fun Super Bowl Party Games

  • Announce in your invitation that guests who come dressed in their favorite team's gear (or limit it to Super Bowl teams) have a chance to win the prestigious title (and prize) for Super Fan 2008.
  • Keep your guests entertained with games such as guessing points at the end of each quarter or any other point-related games like Super Bowl Squares.
  • Football Movies Trivia — We've put together a game related to the movies found above.

Prizes can be a football-shaped piñata filled with candy, football themed movies such as The Longest Yard or gift certificates to sporting good stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Sport Chalet or NFL Shop.

For the emotional sports fan, have foam balls or bricks available for them to throw around when they need to express their anger over a bad call, lost bet, or favorite team losing. This way, things will not get broken.