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Graduation Gifts & Gift Ideas. Find Graduation Presents for Grads at Dealio.

Dealios Graduation Gift Ideas for High School & College Graduation Gifts

Graduaion is a special occasion where you can reward hard work with graduation presents. Dealio is also your shopping destination for for graduation gifts for all graduates. From kindergarten to graduate school, find the ideal graduation gifts for your graduate.
The best graduation gifts show how proud you are of the recent graduate. High school graduation gifts tend to be more fun such as gift cards, travel gifts or keepsakes. College graduation gifts should be things which will help the graduate in their future career such as an electronic graduation gift or personalized grad gifts. For cash alternative grad gifts, give unique graduation gifts like stock shares.

Dealio Graduation Gifts & Deals   Monogrammed Pens, Attaché, Braclet   Luggage, Vacation, Travel Guide
Electronic Grad Gifts
Laptop | iPod | PDA
Personalized Grad Gifts
Pens | Attaché | Braclet
Travel Grad Gifts
Luggage | Vacation | Guides

  Gift Certificates Saks, Eastbay, iTunes   Better then Cash Stocks, Gold, Sliver
Keepsakes Grad Gifts
Frames | Albums | Key Chains
Gift Cards
Saks | iTunes | Eastbay
Better then Cash
Stocks | Gold | Sliver

Electronic Grad Gifts

Young adults love electronics, so they are a great idea for graduation gifts. If you are looking for graduation presents that will be ideal for high school or college graduates, laptops, iPods, and PDAs can make perfect gifts for graduation. Your new graduate will appreciate your thoughtful grad gifts every time they check their email, listen to their favorite music, or keep track of their busy schedule.

Personalized Grad Gifts

Personalized graduation gifts are a great idea! Whether you're celebrating graduation from nursing school, medical school, or law school, personalized graduation gifts are considered appropriate, unique and thoughtful. A cute personalized pen, attaché, or grad bracelet makes a great grad gift on its own or in graduation gift baskets. A personalized gift is a great idea for a unique high school graduation gift, or for your favorite grad from any institution. Give your graduating loved one something special that is not the same as all of their friends' graduation gifts.

Travel Grad Gifts

After a graduation ceremony, graduates love to travel. Give a travel graduation gift to a grad for a high school graduation gift or as a special present for graduating college or grad school. Luggage, travel guides, and vacations make great college graduation gift ideas. A graduation trip makes an excellent graduation present for students of all ages that is not only a great grad present but a wonderful experience and memory. Any present that involves travel would make a wonderful graduation gift.

Keepsake Grad Gifts

Help your grad cherish his or her graduation memories forever with a keepsake grad gift. These graduation gift ideas include frames, albums, and key chains, and will give your graduate a cute reminder of their favorite memories from school, including graduation. Keepsake graduation gifts are a great idea for all graduations, from high school graduation gifts to college graduation gifts to nursing grad gifts to law school graduation gifts. These adorable graduation presents will definitely delight your graduate.

Gift Cards

Gift cards make excellent graduation gift ideas because they let your grad pick what they need most. Give a gift card to a department store or iTunes as a high school graduation gift to help your grad outfit their future dorm room and have all the coolest music. A clothing gift card for a great store like Saks is a great college graduation gift that can help your grads outfit themselves for the workforce. Regardless of your grad's interests, you can find the perfect gift card to make them think that you gave them the best grad gifts — the ones they choose themselves.

Better than Cash

Investments make perfect graduation presents because they help your grad save for their future. Stocks, gold, and silver are better grad gift ideas than cash because they appreciate and won't be immediately spent on cool new shoes at the mall. Gold or silver make great high school graduation gift ideas. Stocks are unique gifts that are perfect for college or medical school graduation gifts, and can even make a nice high school graduation gift that your grad will appreciate.