Black Friday 2012 Shopping Tips

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Good news for bargain shoppers! It’s less than a month until Black Friday 2012! In case you were wondering, the big day is November 23rd this year and Black Friday was named so because it is the day companies typically are in the black; that is, the day they have turned a profit before the end of the year. Black Friday is undoubtedly the best day of the year to shop ’till you drop!

Be aware though that shopping on Black Friday can be disappointing unless you have a plan. Overcrowded stores, long lines and chaotic parking lots are certainly not for the unexperienced shopper. You must be dedicated to your mission of snagging the best deals! While early bird specials have been a tradition for Black Friday shoppers for years, many stores are experimenting with midnight madness specials and hourly specials throughout the day. Of course with the booming internet market, shoppers are now able to easily click their ways to savings with the click of their mouse! Shopping online on Black Friday is the way to go- no lines, no looking for a parking spot, no crowds to brave! With the thousands of retailers offering online-only Black Friday deals 2012 you also have a much larger chance of scoring an amazing Black Friday deal online! Though if you are a determined brick-and-mortar Black Friday shopper, check out the Black Friday 2012 shopping tips below to get you prepared for the big day!

1) Decide where you’re shopping and what you want to purchase. Be it online or in store, plan in advance which stores you will be shopping and have a wishlist of items you want to find on sale. It can general like ‘a new coffee machine’ or very specific like ‘that amazing pair of black Prada pumps from the 2012 fall/winter collection’. The point is to not get lost in the chaos around you.

2) Set a limit. Know exactly how much you are going to spend. Just because something is a good deal doesn’t mean you have to buy it!

3) Get to the sale early (or at least on time!). Get to the store before they open and take note of sale starting times for online sales.

4) Online shoppers open up windows to each of their favorite retailers and even to specific products so they’re open and ready to go when the sales begin.

5) Brick-and-mortar shoppers be sure to dress hassle-free and comfortably (especially if you will be in the dressing room trying on clothing frequently) and wear your walking shoes (it’s about comfort not fashion on Black Friday)!

6) Go shopping with a friend(s). If you’re headed to the mall, carpool with friends and family. Discuss as a group what each person is shopping for so everyone can keep their eyes out for deals.

7) Remember that the holiday season is about peace, love and giving; if another shopper snags the item you wanted, be happy for them that they got an amazing deal. Don’t try to compete with other customers. Realize that attaining a material item is not worth your compromising your ideals.

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Good luck and happy Black Friday shopping!


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