5 Strange Shoplifting Stories of 2010

Posted by missmelon on August 27, 2010 in Money Saving Tips


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Dealio’s a shopping blog.  We keep an eye on news that can help you save money.  But, sometimes, we come across some odd news during our new queries. Lately, we’ve discovered an odd trend in the number of shoplifting incidents that aren’t just unethical, but also just plain strange.   Thus, we’ve compiled, for your enjoyment…Top 5 Strange Shoplifting Stories of 2010.

We’ve all, at one time or another coveted an item and would’ve gladly snatched it up if it weren’t so expensive.  Most people stop at that thought, but there are some who’ll do anything to possess the item.  The reason people shoplift is the same reason people cheat on their partners.  For the most part – it’s the thrill of the experience which can create a state of ecstasy or a break from the mundane.  But there are some people who don’t mind taking from someone or some business for their own personal gain.

Here are 5 shoplifting stories where the perpetrator was not only deviant, but also, kind of…dumb.  Are they thrill seekers or do they possess broken moral compasses?  You decide.

1. The Priest who won’t be preaching again:

A priest of the St Andrews Catholic Church, Rev Steven Poole was caught in the wrong foot. He was trying to shoplift a container of butter and a sofa cover costing $3.22 and $60 respectively. He re-entered the store went to the bedding section and switched the price tag of a memory foam mattress. He later got the product worth $145 for $31. Reportedly he carried a laptop charger kit with him as well. We all hear that the church was getting tech-savvy but this is ridiculous. Source

2. The mayor’s daughter who thought the city needed a makeover:

Cosmetics should be high on the agenda for building a city. That is what Caroline Giuliani thought as she tried to smuggle $100 worth of cosmetics from the Sephora store. Well, she also had $300 in her purse. Source

3. Beer is all a man wants (apart from sex):

The “King of Beers” met the king of shoplifters as Charles Atkins, middle aged man, was caught pinching the beverage on 39 occasions. During a shoplifting spree that lasted almost 6 months, he stole almost $4600 worth of alcohol. What’s worse is that he stole the alcohol to support his drug habits. He never threatened anyone during the incidents. Source

4. The beauty queen who wanted to make the world a better place for “Herself”:

Shannon Marketic a ex-Miss USA was caught lifting beauty Olay products worth $90
from a target store. The funny thing is that she was let off with a $500 bond. Her shoplifting kitty also contained baby care products. A model has to look at their best all times, but is this justified?!  Source

5. A career in shoplifting won’t get you a job:

A Canadian Shoplifter was identified as she appeared in an interview. Well the story will make more sense considering that, she went for the interview in the same dress she was wearing while stealing from the same store just the day before. Security personnel identified her by reviewing the tapes of the CCTV present in the store. The woman should have stolen a few dresses as well.  Source

And as a cautionary caveat – A Momentary Lapse Of Reason is better suited as a Pink Floyd number, but in reality it has huge ramifications.  The world is a very strange place indeed.  We love shopping and hope that everyone pursues it in a legal manner.


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